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About Us

Kinder Garden Montessori School is a private incorporated non-sectarian school. The school was founded in the winter of 1977 through efforts of parents determined to offer their children the Montessori experience. Kinder Garden Montessori School is a Montessori pre-primary serving children 2 1/2 through the kindergarten year. Our school features a well-equipped classroom and an extensive outdoor play area including gardens, orchard and various farm pets.

If you are interested in the Montessori experience for your child call for an appointment. Come in and explore our Montessori environment with your child. It is important to see in person the environment in which your child will flourish. You will be given a tour of our Montessori classroom with a teacher who will answer all your questions. See how our trained staff works with the world renowned Montessori materials and how we can help your child develop his or her full potential.

Please make an appointment for a tour of our beautiful facility or just stop by for information. We will be happy to see you!

Our Mission Statement

In today’s crowded world of power struggles and ego trips, the Montessori method serves as a guide to raising unselfish, self-regulated, caring human beings who are problem solvers and have the self-confidence to lead successful lives by their own efforts rather than at the expense of their fellow citizens. The world needs as many people with these qualities as possible to shift the balance away from the good-of-the-few mentality that plagues many cultures today.

The world needs Montessori.

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