Welcome to Kinder Garden Montessori School. We provide a stimulating educational environment that encourages children to explore new concepts and ideas within a developmentally appropriate Montessori curriculum. The development of respect, inner discipline and self-direction are important objectives. Both group and individualized instruction is used to help each child develop social and cognitive skills.

Curriculum Guide

Language Arts Social Studies
Listening School
Oral Communication Family
Phonics Holidays
Printing Letters Community Helper
Preparation of Reading Games Geography and Cultures
Reading Sensitivity to Diversity
Mathematics Science
Visual Discrimination Life Science
Number and Number Theory Physical Science
Measurement Earth and Space
Intro to Geometry  
Art Expression
Self Expression Timbre
Appreciation Melody/Harmony
Drawing Rhythm
Physcial Activity  
Gross Motor Play  


Montessori classrooms are scientifically designed to help the student follow his or her search for knowledge while at the same time learning important social skills and knowledge of the larger world. This knowledge provides a foundation upon which the student will build throughout life.

Montessori classrooms are multi-aged settings where the younger students learn from social examples set by the older students and from observing presentations of more advanced lessons. This gives the younger students a peer-role model while at the same time the older students learn to develop leadership skills and understand the joy and responsibilities of mentoring. The Montessori classroom is in fact a microcosm of the worlds they will enter as youths and adults.

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